Harrows Wolfram Inifnity 97% Steel Tip Darts

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Harrows Wolfram is one of the most popular darts since it's introductions. It's 97% tungsten and stunning!

The slim barrels is 97% tungsten which is high for darts, thanks to the high tungsten, Harrows are able to give these darts a slim design which is perfect for getting all 3 darts into a small pocket of space.

The barrel features a all over grip which provides a nice feel and great control as you line up you throw. Furthermore, the barrels are coated in a black titanium nitride and red metallic coating giving them a stunning look and extra durability.

Wolfgram Infinity are supplied with:

  • Harrows Supergrip Fushion Stems
  • Harrows Prime Flights
  • Spare Laser Engraved Steel Tip Points

Dart Specifications:

21g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 6.4mm22g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 6.5mm23g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 6.7mm24g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 6.8mm25g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 6.9mm26g: Length: 50mm - Diameter: 7.0mm