Unicorn 1937 Silver Comet Steel Tip Darts

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The Silver Comet Darts are a throwback from the first dart that Unicorn made. This dart is full of history and brilliant craftsmanship.

Silver Comet was original introduced in 1937, many darts have been based around the design of the Comet.

Featuring plated brass barrels, the darts have a knurled type grip, providing more control in your throw. The barrels comes equip with their own flights and stems which are also based on the original darts which came out in 1937.

This dart can be used as a collectors item or simply to be played with and it recommended for any type of player no matter then skill level.

  • Plated brass barrels
  • Slotted flight holder
  • Aluminum alloy shafts
  • Patented screw shaft cap
  • Comet fiber-board flights
  • Replica presentation box