Unicorn Autograph II Steel Tip Darts

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The Aurtograph Darts by Unicorn have been designed and tested by lady darts players. They are perfect for beginner players and competitive players.

Featuring 80% tungsten barrel they are fairly slimline and have a ringed grip for easier control when throwing the darts. The barrels also have pink rings around the barrel and come equip with Unicorn Pink Flights, White Gripper Stems and Steel tip Points.

  • Configured by and from lady darts players
  • Gripper Shafts
  • Slimline Case
  • 80% Tungsten Barrels - Natural


22G - Length: 46.99mm / Diameter: 7.14mm

24G - Length: 46.23mm / Diameter: 7.49mm

26G - Length: 49.78mm / Diameter: 7.49mm

28G - Length: 48.00mm / Diameter: 7.92mm