Unicorn Core XL T90 Steel Tip Darts - A

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Unicorn Core XL T90 are 90% tungsten darts which come in 3 different barrel styles.

This barrel has a simplistic, basic look with a ringed grip what features black rings around the barrel, but being simplistic, the dart is still very good to use in your game.

These are high quality and great for any player whether beginners or competitive players.

Core XL T90 comes equip with:

  • Unicorn Gripper Shafts
  • Unicorn Core Red Flights
  • Steel Tip Points
  • Supplied with Slimline case



23G - Length: 45.09mm / Diameter: 6.99mm

25G - Length: 43.82mm / Diameter: 7.42mm

27G - Length: 43.89mm / Diameter: 7.70mm

29G - Length: 44.83mm / Diameter: 7.87mm