Unicorn Dimitri Van Den Bergh Contender Steel Tip Darts - 22g

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Unicorn's Contender range is all player darts. Contenders are the rising starts of the PDC who are sponsored by Unicorn. The darts are the same design as those used by the professionals while playing in the PDC.

D.V.D.B is one of the biggest names on the come up in the PDC, he's already impress millions with his skill and achievements.

Dimitri Van Den Bergh Contender Darts are 90% tungsten and have a slimline barrel with thick spaced ringed grip. Engraved onto the barrel is Dimitri's signature and the hallmark of Unicorn. The Darts come fitted with Dimitri Van Den Bergh flights and Unicorn Stems.

Supplied with:

  • Gripper 3 shafts
  • Dimitri Van Den Bergh Dart Flights
  • Steel Tip Points


Length: 48.64 mm

Diameter: 6.32 mm