Unicorn Gary Anderson Phase 3 World Champion Steel Tip Darts

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New and updated Phase 3 World Champion Darts for Gary Anderson.

The Phase 3 darts are 90% tungsten which feature Gary Anderson's preferred barrel grip, the same which he used to the the World Championship. Along the barrel you will see 2 blue rings, each ring represents a World Championship won by Gary Anderson, while his older darts has 1 ring.

The barrels have a grooved ring grip which adds perfect feel and ultimate control when throwing the darts. On the barrel is Unicorn's logo and Gary Anderson's signature engraved.

Weights available:

21g, 23g, 25g, 27g


21 grams - Length: 52.32mm / Diameter: 6.10mm

23 grams - Length: 52.32mm / Diameter: 6.35mm

25 grams - Length: 52.32mm / Diameter: 6.63mm

27 grams - Length: 52.32mm / Diameter: 6.88mm