Unicorn Gary Anderson Silver Star Steel Tip Darts - B

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Gary Anderson Silver Star Darts are a huge favorite for club players. They are an affordable dart with a Gary Anderson look to the darts and barrel.

These are 80% tungsten darts, they have a blue and white rings along the barrel, similar to Gary's World Champion darts. They feature a ringed grip which gives great control before throwing your darts.

Thanks to the slim line design of the barrel, they are great for fitting all 3 darts into a small area of the dartboard which is great for hitting the 180.

Supplied with:

  • Gripper Dart Shafts
  • Unicorn Silver Star  Flights
  • Unicorn Dart Points


20G - Length: 50.80mm - Diameter: 6.50mm

22G - Length: 50.01mm - Diameter: 6.88mm

24G - Length: 50.39mm - Diameter: 7.14mm

26G - Length: 49.71mm - Diameter: 7.49mm