Unicorn Gripper CG II Steel Tip Darts

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Unicorn Gripper CG Steel Tip Darts

The Unicorn Gripper CG Dart are unique to the Unicorn range, they are a hybrid dart which features a 95% tungsten barrel section as well as magnesium barrel section connecting together to create the hybrid barrel.

The barrels have a continuous grip along the hybrid darts barrel and come equip with aluminum flight holder which screws into the barrel, a carbon reinforced nose cone with a hardened steel point and Unicorn Gripper CG Flights.

  • Engineered finger grip points
  • Replaceable Sigma ZeroD Carbon reinforced nose cones
  • Guaranteed Weight Certified ±0.1g
  • Compact case
  • Engraved Unicorn Hallmark
  • 95% Tungsten

Available in 21g and 23g.