Unicorn Ian White Maestro DNA 23g Steel Tip Darts

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Premium darts set from Unicorn darts for top PDC darts Player and Team Unicorn Member Ian Diamond White.

90% Tungsten darts barrels with steel tips finished in the stunning and durable Unicorn darts DNA titanium coating unique finish.

Each darts barrel is 23 grams in weight as used by Ian Diamond White. the length of each dart barrel not including the steel tip is 48.26mm and their diameter is 6.48mm


Supplied as a set of three darts barrels with case in Unicorn darts packaging.

Guaranteed Weight each Ian Diamond White darts certified +0.1G

Each dart barrel features the Unicorn darts engraved hallmark, Ian Diamond Whites' Signature and his Diamond Logo.

Purist Wallet fob wallet included with each darts set.