Unicorn Michael Smith Ultracore Steel Tip Darts

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Michael Smith Ultracore darts. These feature Michael Smith's actual player patterns as well as his signature engraved onto the barrel. With the Ultracore, the darts come with 12 tungsten inserts, 12 polymer inserts  and 3 fingergrip soft tips which allows the darts player to change the weight of the barrels as well as change the steel tip darts to soft tip darts.

Unicorn Purist Range = Barrels Only

Ergonomic grip positions

Aerodynamic barrel profile

Converts from steel tip to soft tip

Unicorn Certified Tungsten Nickel Alloy

Actual Player Patterns

3 x Dart Barrels

Purist Pocket Darts Wallet

12 x 2g 97% Tungsten inserts

12 x .25g Polymer inserts

3 x Checkout finger grip soft tips

3 x Sigma Ultra Ti Steel Tip nose cones