Unicorn NEON 2 Steel Tip Darts

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Unicorn NEON 2 Steel Tip Darts

The Neon Darts are unique in the Unicorn range, they feature a ringed grip barrel which provides a controlled grip and release when throwing the darts. The barrels are coated in a DNA coating providing each barrel to have its own unique look.

The darts set includes Gripper stems and Unicorn flights

  • 90% Tungsten
  • Unicorn Gripper Stems
  • Unicorn Neon Flights
  • Precision Grip

21G - Length: 50.55mm / Diameter: 6.35mm
23G - Length: 50.55mm / Diameter: 6.63mm
25G - Length: 50.67mm / Diameter: 6.91mm