Unicorn Evolution Series Phase 5 Rosso Purist Steel Tip Darts

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A very special darts which not only looks stunning but is a part of Phil Taylor's history.

The Phase 5 Rosso barrels were used by Phil Taylor between 2008 to 2014, winning many major PDC tournaments and dominating the darts scene.

These barrels are 95% tungsten and come in a Phase 5 shape, short and thick, similar to a bullet shaped dart. They are coated in a Rosso coating giving them a unique stunning look.

The Phase 5 Rosso Barrels come equip with:

  • Phase 5 side load shafts
  • Phase 5 DXM Flights
  • Premium Darts Wallet



Length: 40.89 mm

Diameter: 7.87 mm

Tungsten: 95%