Unicorn Sigma XL Super Pro 2 Steel Tip Darts

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Unicorn Sigma XL Super Pro Steel Tip Darts

The Sigma XL Super Pro Darts are mathematically engineered darts and quite specialist. These Sigma darts have been tuned for ultimate accuracy with its Sigma Pro shafts and ultra compact Sigma flights.

The Sigma XL Super Pro come equip with Sigma Stems, Sigma Flights and Icon Darts Case.

  • 95% Tungsten Nickel Alloy
  • 3 Sigma Zero D Titanium screw in 25mm nose cones
  • Sigma Super Pro 100% Magnesium shafts
  • Sigma Super Pro ultra compact delta flights
  • Engraved Unicorn hallmark
  • Icon Case


21G - Length: 52.00mm / Diameter: 6.90mm

23G - Length: 51.00mm / Diameter: 7.40mm

25G - Length: 50.00mm / Diameter: 7.90mm